About Us

Our story begins under the Caribbean waters with Blas and Sabrina. They came to Punta Cana to have their destination wedding experience and also to practice scuba diving for the first time. Manuel (my husband) and Mercedes (myself) together have years of experience in subaquatic videography and were coincidentaly the ones to capture Blas and Sabrina’s first diving experience. The newlyweds shared their passion for photography and as professionals themselves evaluated our work with sharp eyes… we were all pleased to find out that they really enjoyed our work. They were not just pleased with the images, but they were entrapped by the natural beauty that Punta Cana had to offer. In light of this event they decided to stay and practice photography here in the Dominican Republic.

Quickly, Blas and Sabrina created a name for themselves as professional photographers in the area and Manuel and I decided to get married during this time as well. We asked our new friends if they would honor us by photographing our wedding as they were our friends and were by this time the most professional photographers in Punta Cana. Since then the four of us together have gathered a tremendous amount of experience in wedding photography. We know all the hotels and wedding coordinators in the area, and above all we understand the needs of the bride and the families involved. We’re avid with schedule flows and the different events that different weddings may have. We carry with ourselves the memory of our own wedding in paradise in every wedding that we participate in. We strive to prefect a harmony of emotion and knowledge that is brought together by our team. Blas’s contribution lies on his seasoned experience in cinematography, Manuel finds art in editing and videography. I pay attention to detail in all the stages of production and everything comes together with Sabrina’s overall vision of each project and her unparalleled eye for photography. Each of us gives something magical to our projects in our own ways. These touches that we all give play an essential role in creating more than just video and pictures. We create quality. Through our passion for art and our identification with the brides and grooms we tailor that quality for you.