Kukua Beach Restaurant – Punta Cana

We had such a great time with this couple and their beautiful family. This wedding was celebrated at Kukua Beach restaurant, and as usual, Bego, did an awesome work with the decor. It was 4 of us covering the wedding, so we were able to do a lot of shots of all the details. Manuel and Mercedes went right to the Getting ready room at Kukua, to start with the Photos and filming, while Robert and Jan stayed with the boys, while they patiently waited for the girls to be ready.

Everything went smoothly and the ceremony couldn’t be more perfect. Amber and Callum chose to have a sand ceremony and after that they were declared husband and wife for the first time.
After this, the fun started, we went to the beach for the photo shoot with the family and friends, finishing with a romantic photo shoot of the couple….Everybody was waiting for the couple’s entrance and after that, we had dinner, we enjoyed a fire show, a first dance with sparklers and the party!

This Uk couple, was great to work with. They were always smiling and enjoying the moment…the truth is that as wedding photographers, couple’s like this, make our job easy and enjoyable.


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