Jellyfish Punta Cana Wedding

We have shot more than five hundred beach weddings in Punta Cana but we’ve  never had the opportunity to shot a wedding like this one! Mark and Jess decided to give their parents this wonderful surprise: they invited them to Punta Cana for a nice vacation, once they where at the resort they invited them to have lunch at Jellyfish restaurant, but when they arrived to Jellyfish Mark and Jess gave their parents this amazing surprise: it was their Wedding Day! This was a beautiful small wedding ceremony and since is was held at the beach they decided to get married in their bathing suits!!! Our wedding photographer captured every single moment of this special day and he made this nice picture gallery to post on our website. Thank you Mak and Jess for this unusual wedding day and thanks to  Jellyfish Punta Cana for this marvelous location.


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