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About nine years ago, we arrived to Punta Cana to work as wedding photographers, astonished with the beauty of the resorts and the beaches.Punta Cana is the one of most requested places in the world for destination wedding,  for people who dream about a magical, super romantic wedding, surrounded by amazing views, breathtaking landscapes, without mentioning the superb weather conditions. Punta Cana, is simply the best option for the unforgettable wedding your are dreaming off. The marvelous ocean, was our prime inspiration, as we used to work as underwater photographers and videographers at Punta Cana and other regions. Our priority as wedding photographers  is to capture every detail, and project that in our pictures. A good photographer will maximize the resources that Punta Cana gives us in order to   provide you with high quality picture and video packages.



If you’re reading this, your are probably at this state in your pre arrangement of your Punta Cana wedding plans. Your are having to choose on the internet and physically calling, contacting, choosing music, wardrobe and food. This are crazy times, we know. Choosing the right Punta Cana photographer for capturing the most important images of your life does not have to be an issue, because you can count on our professional photographers for that. We have a large experience as wedding photographer here at Punta Cana. We understand that the your wedding is just not the ceremony, it’s the idea, the love, the pre arrangements, the reception and  we see that all these events play part in your wedding. As professional wedding photographers it is our mission and passion to capture as many of these emotions as possible to pass this great moment on.


Our location easily sets the stage for the dream wedding, not just visually but much more. A wedding photographer knows what it takes to bring out the best of every moment.  The Punta Cana landscapes with blue sky and towering scenic clouds is cool, breezy and comfortable. These are ideal conditions for any professional wedding photographer.  The great weather painted on the sea, white sand and palm trees, drowns you in ease, that’s why we like it here, capturing these moments of serenity does it for us. Professional photographers from all over the world travel to work at Punta Cana beach. Since we worked as professional photographers at Punta Cana for the past nine years, we know the best  spots on every single resort.  Other photo spots are just as impressive as our beaches, sweet water fountains, and hill tops over looking the coast line.  All these places of Punta Cana create the pictures back drop for your loving and close moments. As wedding photographers  we understand that this day is forever, so we do our best to capture the best emotions and moments.  A wedding photographer must be able to capture those quick glimpses in time that define everything you feel for that person in front of you. A great wedding photographer must be sensitive and creative.  The images and the video that we create will be a representation of the dream you lived on this most memorable day.


Now a world of colors and shapes awaits us ready to  create the most important experience of your life. We love being wedding photographers, we love Punta Cana,  we become involved with every wedding personally.  Looking for the best angles and shades of light uniquely to you and from these photos we choose only the best.  From our own experience as photographers at the presence of your wedding we aspire to convey the energy that was shared on this day into the final cut and shots of our work as photographers.  We see more than just taking pictures and video and putting it together.  As wedding photographers, we do more than just capture the best light and position, a wedding photographer must look for the essence of that event, that’s the goal of a professional photographer.  The time, place and love that was shared that harmonize to bloom that sensation of love that defines your wedding… and we aim to capture it. We encapsulate this event as best as possible so you can relish these times in the future to come.


Our work as wedding photographers will propagate through time and the memories of paradise.  Every photo, smile and flash will take us right back to this great day in Punta Cana.  The love that was shared the laughs, family and friends and moments that define your Punta Cana wedding will be renewed with our relationship.

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